Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Cosmo Influenster VoxBox

A while back I saw someone post about Influenster.  First of all it sounded great because I like adding "ster" to the end of words.  Second of all it's free stuff.  Good stuff.  Really good stuff.  Basically companies send out samples for me to review and I get to try them out for free as long as I promise to tell others about them.

I received my first Influenster box in December.  It was called the Cosmo Vox Box.  I'm pretty sure it was not targeted at Mom's but let me tell you, this Mama loved it!  Included in the box were 4 things--chocolate, a razor, perfume and awesome pens.  I can't think of any Mama around that wouldn't love those things...or at least love to have time to love those things!

Let me say that the chocolate was gone in about 2 seconds.  Sadly I didn't finish it before Peter saw it and I had to share.  Ghirardelli has outdone themselves with the Sea Salt Escape chocolate bar.  It's milk chocolate with sea salt and pieces of almond.  I know some people aren't on the whole chocolate and sea salt bandwagon but we sure are!  I will be buying this as soon as I see it in the store!

Next on the list was a Gillette Venus Embrace razor.  I have to admit that I'm a wanna be beauty product snob.  But I'm scared.  I am so afraid of spending lots of money on different products and not liking them so I never do.  I buy the cheap razors that come with like 700 in a package.  This razor was a treat!  They sent two different blades to try but this Mama is saving the second one for a date night :)

Bath and Body works sent a nice sized sample of their new exclusive perfume Forever Red.  I am definitely a perfume snob.  I like to wear perfume that no one else has heard of, let alone wears.  However, this had a nice scent and I would definitely wear it!

Last but not least were two friXon Pilot pens.  I love pens.  Well, good pens.  These are great pens.  The ink doesn't smear and it goes on the paper very smoothly if that makes sense.  They are easy to print with and write cursive (I find that sometimes I can only do either with pens and have it still look good).  I will be purchasing more of these once my ink runs out!


If trying out products like these sounds like something you'd like to do you can be an Influenster too!  Leave me a message here or on my facebook page or twitter and I'll send you an invitation to join!!


Christy Areheart said...

Influenster sounds awesome!!! I'd love to try it

Julie said...

Thank you for reminding me that I need to post about my Holiday Vox Box!! Yours sounds pretty good too!

Myers Family said...

I'd love to try free stuff......who wouldn't lol

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