Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Mother's Legacy

I've had some major writers block lately.  I miss blogging even though I don't really have much I can say right now.  God has really been teaching me a lot about being a wife and a mom in particular.  It's hard.  Every day it is hard.  I didn't really feel like that when I first had children but man now that I have two and the oldest is starting to really develop his own attitude and opinions on things it's hard.  Sometimes at the end of the day I feel like the only thing I've done is just made it through.  When you start to think about life before babies that can get a little discouraging.

I bought a book a number of years ago for my parents and grandparents.  It's a legacy book and it has prompts to get you to write about yourself, your childhood, your hopes and your dreams.  It's a great thing to pass down to your children.  I'm filling out mine now because I don't want to forget.  I remember thinking I'd never forget what it felt like to do certain things and all of the sudden I can't remember.  New things replace those and although the memories are still there they are a shadow of what they once were.

So in order to just get writing again and to put some of my answers here (especially the fun ones!) I'm going to work my way through the book every Thursday.  I'd love it if you would join me!

Today I'm going to "Describe Your Grandparents House"

I wanted to do this one in particular because in the last year my Grandma has moved out of her house and my Namaw will be moving from hers soon.  

My Mother's parents live in a small town in Kentucky.  They live in a nice neighborhood and have a one story brick ranch.  They have a large yard and that was always my favorite thing about their house.  There was a clothesline on the right die of the house and a small slope on the left side.  Around the back on the left was a large weeping willow tree.  I remember playing underneath that tree.  Along the back of their property was a wall of sorts and we loved to walk the "balance beam" and jump off of the wall.  My Grandaddy always had a garden that was full of vegetables.  And near the house was their TV antenna.  It was 3 sided and you could climb it although I don't think we were supposed to.  It was covered with clematis and because of that when we have a house someday that is one of the first plants I will plant.

The inside of the house was always clean.  We usually played in Grandaddy's study and my favorite thing about it was the caricature of Grandaddy.  I loved finding him in the large group of people.  He also had a framed picture of one of the UK basketball teams and I thought that was so neat.  I don't remember my Grandparents keeping many toys at the house.  

One of my favorite things about their house was a picture of Grandaddy taken around the time he and my Namaw were married.  It was kept in the back bedroom and until the weekend I always thought that was the bedroom my grandparents slept in!  My Mom and I were discussing the house and she told me that they slept in the front room.  I've been wrong for 30 years!  The back room had furniture in it that was my Mom's as a girl.  I used to love the bed because the headboard has secret compartments in it.   There was also a half bath in this bedroom.

There was a bar in the kitchen and it was always fun to eat there.  We had family meals in the dining room. 

I loved going to my grandparents house.  My favorite thing about going was riding on Grandaddy's knee on his riding lawnmower.  We would drive down to the community park and play.  And then usually we would go for ice cream.  My grandparents were AMAZING grandparents.

I have distinct memories of 2 houses that my Dad's parents lived in.  When I was growing up they lived in a tiny town in Western PA.  Their house was a 1 story ranch.  We visited twice each year for about a week.  I always enjoyed going there especially at Christmas.  There would usually be snow and my Grandma would always have a game of Bingo ready for us.  We would sleep on the floor in my Grandpa's study (he was a pastor) and I loved looking at his extensive collection of red glass.

The last house they lived in is the one that I remember the most.  It was a modular home and was built to accommodate my Grandma's difficulty with walking.  It had 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  A large living/dining area, kitchen/laundry and a sun room.  Each of my grandparents had their chair that they would sit in.  My Grandpa particularly liked siting in the sun room with the screen door open.  

One thing in particular I always loved about their house was a picture that was above the piano.  It is a copy of Renoir's On The Terrace.  It reminds me of my Grandparents so much.

Are there any special memories you have of your grandparent's houses?

Next week I'll be answering

Where was your childhood home?
Did you enjoy living there?

I'd love to read about your legacy!!


Chasity Munn said...

Where did you get the legacy book? I'd like to get a few for our families. :)

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