Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Still Here

Oh my word.  I feel like we've just had the busiest month ever.  I'm dying to sit down and edit/post some recap of our awesome church retreat and my fun night at the Pacific Northwest Blogger event!  But for now a few Insta-captures will have to do!

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This is garage sale week at our house and I'm starting it off with a "almost new" jewelry, clothes and accessories Instasale!!

This kid has asked for a pickle every morning for breakfast.  He is definitely my child.

Look at him working that light!  Love finding selfies on my phone.

He wanted to take pictures of the tulips.  I can't wait to print a couple of these out and frame them as his first official photos.  I have SO much to learn but maybe teaching him will make me better!

Gotta get this shot each time you go to the Market.  We are enjoying time with Mimi and Grandad in town!

On top of the Space Needle.

The gum wall

The agnolotti I enjoyed at the Space Needle.  This was totally worth the price even without the view.  We had an AMAZING day!!

Love those puffy clouds and the sunshine!!

Someday family shots will look better than this.  But it's a keeper the for the memories.

The tulip festival.  We drove up and all the tulips were gone.  Seriously.  I almost cried.  Thankfully this farm's display garden was still open!!  And we had the most clear and gorgeous day ever.  Mountains on every side!!!

Our time at the Space Needle was punctuated by the landing of a local news helicopter.  The Little Guy was enthralled.  I love watching life through his eyes because everything is truly an adventure.


Melissa@Home on Deranged said...

The taking pics of the tulips is my fave. He's a little doll. Are you interested in setting up our kids?? :)
Stopping in from the Happy Kids Bloglovin' hop.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family! I never did make it to the gum wall the two times I was out there. Granted, I was on Vashon Island most of the time. Still, fun pics! Seattle is such a cool place.

Ruthy Taylor said...

I just remembered I have a gift certificate for the restaurant at the top of the space needle....any recommendations on what else to order?

Lindsay Stewart said...

I love that he is already interested in taking pictures- how fun fo you guys to be able to learn something like that together for the very beginning! Love the pictures of the space needle - I love that place!

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