Friday, May 31, 2013


Man oh man do I love this picture.  The profile of my sweet boy.  Sometimes he seems not so little anymore and then he screams at a restaurant and I remember that he is in face still 2.

And this kid!  His little personality keeps coming out.  It's lovely.  And today while we were looking at the sharks at the zoo he gave me kisses for the first time.  I want to remember that moment forever.

My parents came of a long anticipated visit and we had way more fun that this picture illustrates.  The boys were cranky that we had to drop Ma & Pa off at the airport.  Although S was happy to go to the airport.  He asks to go there every single day.

Date night before disaster struck.  Our sweet friends offered to take care of the boys so we could have a night to ourselves.  A lovely dinner turned into a hideous stomach bug and that's all the details you want to know.  Both boys and I were stricken and man oh man was it bad!

Ma is always playing fun games with the boys.  I think they were dancing to Jack & Jill went up the hill.

The view from our hotel room on our little mini-vacation to the San Juans.  Perfection!

The start of homemade fruit snacks.  These are Strawberry-Blueberry-Spinach and were fabulous!  Recipe here. 

Could help but include this sweet shot.  Man I love that little smile!

Practicing our climbing.  All the time.

This picture made me really happy too.  The view right now is perfect with the rhododendron blooming and blue skies.  I spend a lot of time thankful God for this house right here.

Baby yoga.  He loved the king sized bed at our hotel.

Love this action shot of S and his little friend.  They had so much fun jumping off this rock.  

That's a little picture into our life!  You can follow us on instagram at storybook_reality

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alison said...

doncha just love instagram?!?! such sweet shots of your precious family :)

MrsP said...

Laura--I saw your previous semi-lament about not finding much inspiration for blogging right now but, from your pictures, you are certainly finding time for living---much more important!

Ruthy Taylor said...

such a sweet fam. hope everyone is all better from that stomach bug!

Ashley Chapman said...

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Thanks so much!


rainbowsandbeauty said...

lovely blog :)

following you through the weekend social blog hop! xx

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