Monday, May 13, 2013

Out From Behind The Camera

I'm trying to be better about making sure we get pictures at special occasions and just in general.  I'm also trying to get myself in pictures because more often than not I am behind the camera.  I am thrilled with these pictures from Mother's Day.  The boys aren't looking at the camera in all of them but they are in focus with good light and happy faces for the most part!  These are framers!!

This kid has finally started clapping.  I think he was giving himself a round here for good behavior.

One for two looking at the camera isn't too bad.  

Clearly the Tiny Guy looked down like this all day.  

FINALLY!  A picture with this guy without the cheese face.  I love love love this shot!!

I will treasure these pictures for years to come!


Ruthy Taylor said...

such sweet photos!

Stephanie said...

cute pictures! I have the same problem, I'm always behind the camera and never in the pictures, but I did get my husband to take a few good ones of my son and I for Mother's Day :)
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