Monday, May 20, 2013

Miscellany Monday

The madness just seems to continue at our house.  I had one of those "I know I did a lot but what did I do" weeks.  But the sun is shining and no one in our house is currently throwing up so it's a good day.  This weekend...not so much.  So thankful for my sweet SWEET husband who not only took care of me but took care of both boys...washed and remade all 3 bed...did multiple loads of laundry...mowed the lawn.  Oh and woke up early on Saturday morning to get a *short* 20 miles in.  This one is a keeper and thankfully I get to keep him!

I've been wanting to try this recipe for a while now and since last week was "I don't feel like taking a nap week" practically everyday I knew it would be a great time filler when the Little Guy woke up from his short rest.  I used a simple recipe and modified it a bit and was very pleased with these homemade "Cheese Crackers in the Shape of Fish".  I'll be sharing the recipe soon!

My little pot garden!!  It's growing!!  I go and check it everyday looking for new signs of growth.  Yesterday I had my first pink strawberry and first bloom on my pea plant.  I guess gardening is kind of like losing weight.  You have to tend to it everyday but you don't see too much progress overnight.  Still I'm excited for the possibilities!!

I'm SO sad I didn't have my big camera with me when we were out on Friday night.  We saw THE most spectacular rainbow I've ever seen.  You could see it from one side to the other and it was a double one!  There are some more pictures on instagram (storybook_reality) but I couldn't chop this one into a square.  

We had GORGEOUS weather last week so I guess it was ok that is was nap-boycott week.  This little guy insisted on wearing hi rainboots down to walk along the water and he was searching for humpback whales the entire time.  Can we say adorable?

This kind.  Always smiling.  Melts my heart.  I want him to stay little forever.

A rare non cheesy grin from this not-so-little guy.  We were on our nightly walk and we was crawling on the "balance beam".  I was so happy to get him making a sweet face!

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Ruthy Taylor said...

Everyone in Tacoma saw that rainbow but me I think!!

Celena Fletcher said...

Hope you're all feeling better! I can't wait to read about the crackers :) And your boys are sweet :) I'm a new follower from the Connect blog hop and would love it if you checked out and followed my blog too! :) Have a great day!


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