Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIWW--The Shopping Ban Version

I've been slacking on taking pictures but I have a couple of outfits to share.  I still haven't moved my mirror...for shame!  My excuse has been getting outside as much as possible to play in the sun with my little ones!  This tiny guy is showing us how to tastefully model a diaper!

So I haven't exactly gone public with this yet but I'm on a spending freeze.  I'm going to blog about it but I haven't.  In short...I have 10 pounds left to lose and I'm not buying anything for myself until I do.  I started this AFTER I went looking for a navy cardigan on Sunday.  In addition I came home with this awesome denim jacket (a Marshalls find) and a skirt (not pictured).  Maybe I need to be on a spending freeze for more than one reason!

Other items are...
Khaki skirt--Old Navy (I are SHOCKED that it's not from the Loft)
White T--Loft

I'm sort of embarassed to show this picture because looking at it now I hate this shirt.  I got into this habit last year of buying shirts with the elastic waist because I thought it would help hide my baby weight.  Instead I think it just makes me look bigger.  This one is going in the garage sale pile.

Anyway....the good news is that A. it was actually warm enough to wear shorts here.  and B. I had to get new shorts because my shorts from post-baby last time are too big!

These are Loft
Cute shoes that you can barely see because I still haven't moved my mirror are from Target.

There's a good shot of the shose!  And the sun!!

We celebrated my husband's promotion last week and I had to be patriotic at first. He wore his dress uniform which is a dark blue.
White Dress--Loft (this was also bought to hide baby fat and now just makes me look bigger I think)
Awesome shoes that you again can't see very well--TJ Maxx
My new cute shoes....

Let's talk about cardigans for a minute.  I find I have a hard time wearing a round neck cardigan.  Also all of the cardigans I'm finding are SHEER.  I find this super annoying.  The whole reason I'm wearing a sweater is to over up what is underneath.  Not a fan.  I love cardigans in the weather here because they are easy to throw on and aren't too heavy.  But I can't find v-neck anywhere!  Any ideas? (For AFTER the shopping ban has been lifted of course!)

Also...has anyone else experience the whole "I have a hole in my shirt right where it hits the button on my pants" issue?  I found SIX...yes SIX shirts in my closet that had tons of holes in the front and I am assuming that is the reason.  My Insta-friends agreed saying that it happens to them too.  I'm just glad I didn't have a shirt eating creature in my closet!

Happy Wednesday friends!!!


Lauren Collier said...

Reading this all I could think was, "Laura and I should so make a HandPicked run!"...remember those days? Miss you, friend!

Rachel said...

I'm on a shopping ban right now, too! I'm also loving it that where I live it's finally warm enough to wear dresses and sandals and shorts, too!

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

Gah! I have that dreaded "from the pants button" hole on so many of my shirts! So dang annoying and not sure what to do about it :(

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