Friday, October 29, 2010

The D-Word

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Study Guide - eBook
Remember when you were a kid and someone cursed and then someone else tattled?  He said the S-word!  She said the d-word!!  Well....get ready because I'm about the say the d-word....


Ouch!  I think this d-word is worse than the real one.  Well, maybe not considering the eternal implications of damnation....but still, discipline is a hard word to hear.  God has pretty much been chanting "discipline yourself....discipline yourself...discipline yourself...." for oh, well, my whole life.  And if I am really honest about it, I stink at it!  I stink at eating healthy, exercising regularly, spending time in the Word.  I mean, my dog isn't even totally potty trained!  I figured I needed to start figuring this out before my child is at an age where he needs to be accountable for who he is and who he is becoming.

I've read this book before but I don't think I finished it.  So I'm starting "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life" over again.  This book devotes a chapter to the spiritual disciplines that the author finds really important.  These are: Bible intake, prayer, worship, evangelism, service, stewardship, fasting, silence & solitude, journaling and learning. The author, Donald Whitney, uses a verse out of I Timothy where we are told to discipline ourselves "for the purpose of godliness".  Basically what he's saying is that if we never get the practice of disciplining ourselves (to do anything) down, we'll never grown in our faith.

Here is where the first chapter of this book REALLY hit home.  And it made me really, really sad....and disappointed in myself.  He talks about how we are so willing to discipline ourselves to do other things like train for a marathon (although we all know I have done and will not be doing that) or excelling at our job, yet we totally ignore our need to be spiritually disciplined!  This is the part that hurt.  "Christians trivialize their effectiveness for the Kingdom of God through lack of discipline.  Spiritually they are a mile wide and an inch deep.  That have dabbled in everything but disciplined themselves in nothing." Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!!

I am determined to be disciplined.  The D-word isn't a negative word!  It is a power tool that ultimately gives us freedom!  Freedom and discipline aren't mutually exclusive.  Another author says that freedom is actually the reward of discipline.

Starting in November I'm going to focus on one discipline a addition to other areas of my life.  I've spent so much time "dabbling in everything" that I really am good at nothing.  The Lord has blessed me with a sweet baby boy and I want him to be able to grow up and be disciplined as well.  I need to be an example for my children and that starts with examining myself.

Is the Lord chanting in your ear?  Don't ignore Him!  The freedom He wants for you is such a better alternative than being good at nothing.  I challenge you to find out what He is speaking to you about and be disciplined enough to pursue it!

I also suggest reading this book!!  Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney


leiamarie82 said...

Thanks for this...was just ruminating on this concept today! I'll try to check the book out soon, too. =)

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