Friday, October 22, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

I hate video games.  I think it all started when Nintendo came out and everyone was playing Super Mario Brothers.  I was one of those cool kids who used the controls like a Wii.  I guess I was cutting edge but back then I basically looked like an idiot.  The bigger jump I needed Mario to make the more I moved around the control.  You know what I am talking about.  You've seen those people.  You probably laughed at those people because you were on the 9th level after you had taken some kind of secret door or eaten a mushroom.  I don't think I ever made it past the 3rd world.  Seriously. 

I started blogging after leaving a job I loved to stay home with my sweet son Stafford.  Well, for the first few months I stayed home with a huge belly.  But now I am at home with Stafford and I love it.  I blog first for myself (I need to do something creative) and second for the grandparents.  Although I'm not even sure if they read it.  And I do know my friend Gina reads because she forced me to change my justification to left instead of centering it.  I kind of think of myself as the "dorky Mario jumper" of bloggers because I have no idea how to get my blog to do anything cool.  I try to change pictures and such and everything ends up all chopped off.  So basically I rely on my charming storytelling and fabulous recipes to get by.  Oh, and pictures of my cute son.  Have I mentioned how cute he is?

Anyway, I was surprised when my friend Amber over at Amber's Articles  sent me the "Versatile Blogger" award.  It was fun to know that someone other than myself and potentially the grandparents were enjoying what I had to say.

To accept this award one must:
* link back to the person who gave you the award
*share 7 things about yourself
*pass it along to other blogs you enjoy (it said 15 but i say do what you want!)
*make sure you tell your awardees about the award so they can repost!

Doing these "7 Things About Me" reminds me of all those lists on facebook a couple of years ago.  How in the world can you get to know someone in 7 sentences.  Do I make them funny or serious?  Regardless here are 7 things about me that you might not know.

1. My degrees are in Psychology and Educational Policy but my dream  is to become a marriage counselor.

2. I read history books for fun.  My current favorites are a series by Richard Evans about Nazi Germany.  They are big enough to be doorstops but SO interesting.

3. I wanted to visit all 50 states before I turned 30.  I didn't make it.  But I did get to go to Europe and visit 6 countries so I think that balances it out.

4. Stafford is the first boy on my Mom's side of the family in 4 generations. 

5. I wish I were more disciplined.

6. Notice there were no sports in the list.  I am embarrassingly awful at all things sports.  Except watching.  I'm going to be an awesome soccer mom!

7. My deepest struggle is wondering if people really like me or if they are just being nice. 

Here are some fun blogs I think you should check out!

Thanks again to Amber for the award and for reading my blog!!


Kathy said...

Laura, I'm thinking we're way more alike than maybe you think. Just so you know. I identify with several things in this post. Interesting, huh? OK, maybe not, but just so you know, I didn't have a video game system growing up, but when playing on my friends', I had the same controller issues. I was (am!) totally spastic about video game controls. Other things, too, though. And I really enjoy your blog! And the pix of your adorable Stafford!!

Rachel said...

Thanks yo! I didn't play video games either. Gina will remember me playing James Bond with her and screaming like a crazy person whenever she would shoot me.

Ashley said...

Woah!! Our first GIANT inconsistency ;) I <3 VIDEO GAMES... Throughout pilot training I actually played Halo with all of Ryan's buddies. I would even participate in laughing at the person who would stick out his tongue anytime he shoots, or if he got stuck spinning in a corner of the game.

Ahh, I actually bought and beat a video game (Tropico 3- awesomeness) before Bryson was born, just so I could be full up ;) ... hmmm, I'm actually feeling pretty dorky now... I do love to read though ;) --but maybe that doesn't make me less dorky.

leiamarie82 said... many states DID you visit? For someone who travels a lot, I have been to surprisingly few states!

Lauren said...

I just love your blog.

Debbie said...

Laura, I know I am one of the "oldest" followers, but I enjoy seeing photos of darling Stafford and reading about you and Peter's life! You are doing a wonderful job "juggling" it all and I know your mom & dad LOVE reading all about your life!

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