Monday, October 18, 2010

The Only Time I'll Use Math as an Adult

While I was pregnant I had to take my wedding rings off.  It was a SAD day because I love my rings.  I bought a super huge fake one to take away the sting and it was fun for a while.....but nothing compares to the real thing!  I was pretty excited when I could finally wear them again a few weeks after Stafford was born.

My rings are symbolic.  Yes I realize that everyone's wedding rings are symbolic.  But mine have a special symbolism to me.  And it's important for me to have them on and that I focus on that symbolism each day.

I heard an illustration once about a triangle.  The top point of the triangle is Christ.  The bottom points of the triangle are you and your spouse.  Now if you know anything about math you know that in an equilateral triangle all sides are equal.  Therefore if you lengthen or shorten one side you have to lengthen or shorten all the sides.  I still can't believe that someone using math as an illustration influenced the rest of my life.  I hate math.  But I love the idea that in order to get closer to my spouse I have to get closer to Christ. 

Everyday when I look down at my ring I think of this relationship.  I wear my ring so the tip of the triangle points toward my fingernail.  I think of Peter as the bottom left point and myself as the bottom right point.  It's a good reminder that there aren't just two of us in this relationship and that our focus should be on Christ.  I certainly don't always have my focus in the right place, but it sure helps to have that reminder of my sweet husband's commitment to me and his commitment to his faith.  There is certainly nothing fake about that! 


The Burton's Block said...

I love that your ring is a triangle for that reason! :)

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