Friday, October 29, 2010

Stafford Travels Again

Our NC Cabin
View from our porch

The Euler Family
Stafford has been busy traveling again!  In October we met up with the Porters in Bryson City, NC.  We rented an awesome cabin with a great view and a hot tub (of course)!  Vacationing is definitely different with babies but we had a great time hiking through the mountains and just relaxing in the peaceful setting.  Stafford and Hannah got to hang out too, which is important, since they are destined to be best friends!

The Boys

The Girls

The Porter Family

Stafford visited his first pumpkin patch with our friends the Tuckers.  He wasn't too keen on picking a pumpkin so we took some pictures instead.  Jonathan was super excited though and had a great time!  It will be fun to do these things with Stafford next year when he is a little older.  I love experiencing things through the eyes of children!

Stafford doesn't like pumpkins!

The Tucker Family

Even though we live close to the ocean Stafford has visited KY, TN and the mountains of NC before seeing our beautiful SC beaches!  Tonight we changed that.  We had dinner at Poe's (our favorite burger place in town) and then walked out to the beach on Sullivan's Island.  It was too chilly to stick any baby toes in the water but at least the little guy has been to the ocean now!

Mama and Stafford at Poe's

We last ate here 3 days before Stafford was born!

Ready for the beach!

The little guy is all set to travel again when we visit the families at Thanksgiving.  I can't wait to take lots of pictures!!  Hope you enjoyed these!


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