Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 12 of 12

These are my top 12 pictures of my sweet boys from 2012!!

This was at a birthday party.  This kid never fails to disappoint when it comes to food pictures....he always manages to have it everywhere!  I love his little outfit....I remember receiving this at one of my baby showers and thinking I would never use it because it would take forever for my baby to be that big.  Forever came way to fast!

This picture isn't great by photographer standards but I love it.  I love the looks on their faces and for some reason this picture marked a change for me in photography.  I haven't improved nearly as much as I had hoped and when I look at this picture I'm reminded that my pictures don't have to be perfect to capture a beautiful memory.

This is by FAR my favorite picture of this year.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it!  His smile...his hair...my Little Guy!!

And this by FAR my other favorite :)  His eyes!!  Chocolate brown just like his Daddy!  And those dimples!!  To die for!!

Little Guy is jealous each month when we take shots of the baby with his animal.  So he got to have a turn.  I love his little grin!

This was one of the first pictures where I really caught the Littlest Guy smiling.  I love his hand and his tongue hanging out.  And of course those dimples!

This is right after he started sitting up!  I love this age...right before the crawl but they are sitting up.  Too bad this lasted about 2 days in our house. 

Again I know this isn't a perfect photo but I loved this day.  I love the movement it captures.  I love those little swim trunks....the chubby legs....pretty much everything about this screams Little Guy to me. I just wish he would hold still every once in a while!

Both boys were monkeys for Halloween this year.  We don't really do a lot of candy in our house but I think he had about 76 suckers this day.  I love how his hair is peeking out of his costume.

I made it my goal to not stress over messes.  I thought we could turn this mess into something productive by filling the dump truck with all the cheerios.  Clearly the Little Guy had other ideas!

Brotherly love.

And about 7 months later....time goes way to fast.  I can definitely wait to see my top pictures for next year.  I need these guys to slow down on this whole growing thing!!


Kim Croisant said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Stopping by and now following you from Jay's Wordless Wednesday Hop. I would love for you to stop by for a visit and a follow if you will!!


Your boys are darling!!

Amber said...

Reed is a total heartbreaker!! S and B have much in common. I mean B still eats like he is 1. It is always everywhere.

mail4rosey said...

What a gorgeous group of photos!

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