Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Quarter Top Five

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My friends Courtney & Amber are co-hosting a fun link-up highlighting our favorite subjects-our children!  Whether furry or fussy we love them!!  The link-up is supposed to highlight our favorite pictures from the first quarter of 2011.  I can't believe 2011 is already 1/4 of the way behind us for starters.  And secondly after looking back at my pictures I have realized that I don't  pick up my camera as much as I should.  I had plenty of cute pictures but I know I need to take more in order to improve.  My goal for the next quarter is to have WAY too many to choose from!  These didn't have to be technically correct photos-just photos that I love!

Photo 1: I love this picture of Stafford.  I think he little rosy cheeks are so sweet.  This was from a series of pictures when he was "helping" Peter with his homework.  He looked up with this cute smile and I was so glad I captured it.  Daddy-Stafford moments just make my heart melt.

Photo 2: Bear was our first "baby" and he has been so sweet with Stafford.  It took Stafford a while to notice Bear was around but now whenever he sees him he gets a huge grin on his face and makes a lot of noise.  He especially loves it when Bear barks and growls at him in play.  This was the first time we actually sat down with the two of them to give them some bonding time.  Stafford just kept hugging him!  So sweet!!

Photo 3: I can not get enough of this picture.  I just adore it.  We were getting ready to take his first "big boy" bath in his rubber duck tub.  I wasn't sure how he would react so we were playing with the duck in his room first.  I just happened to catch this adorable expression while we were playing.  His hair is everywhere which is his trademark!

Photo 4: This was from the same day.  I love the quizzical look on his face as he examines the duck tub.  He was trying to squeeze the bill because it makes a quacking sound.

Photo 5: Melts my heart!  This mouth wide open expression is typical and I can't get enough of it!  Stafford was sporting his new cap and playing his xylophone.  He turned around when I called his name and I managed to capture this cute little face!  I love it!!

So those are my top five for the first quarter of 2011.  I'm inspired to get out the camera more often this next quarter and hopefully I'll have some great shots to share with you in a couple of months!

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Rachel said...

Both S and B have pics where they are on the dogs' backs!
He's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I love his hair. So adorable. That last picture is too cute. Thanks for linking up. :D

Amber said...

Hehehe....I love Stafford's hair in the third picture. I love, love, love the fourth one.

Thanks for linking up!!

allison said...

oh soo cute - number three is def my favorite!

Courtney said...

That one of Stafford snuggling Bear is adorable! They are going to be the best of buds for sure!! I love that one of him in his room before that bath! You should definitely frame that! Too cute! And the last one, what an perfect expression!! I like the challenge to yourself to take more pictures! Also, love the new button!! It's so beautiful!! Thanks for linking up!

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