Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get Your Groupon!

Dah da da da da da. Dah da da da da da. Dah da da da da da......get your groupon!  Does this make any sense to anyone?  For some reason I can't get it out of my head.  I'm pretty sure the real song is "get your groove on" but I have no idea what the song is.  Regardless it is the perfect way to introduce you to some of the websites I've been using lately!  I posted about a few websites I love back in July but especially after becoming a Mom I've added quite a few more!

One of my favorite websites right now is  Most of you probably know what it is but just in case here is my short explanation.  Groupon gives you local deals for your area.  You buy the "groupon" on their website and then you can cash it in at local businesses.  Sometimes the deals are nation-wide.  For instance a few weeks ago I bought a $20 Groupon to Barnes & Noble for $10.  It was good in-store or online.  I've also bought $100 dollars worth of salon services at a downtown salon for $50.  Remember, just because it is a great deal you don't have to buy it!  But if it is for a service you planned on purchasing anyway I totally suggest this site!  Some of the other sites that do this are and 

All you Mama shoppers out there should check out the following websites:

Each of these websites posts a "deal of the day" or sometimes more than one! Kid & Baby Steals posts two a day.  Mamabargains posts throughout the day.  Once a deal is gone you obviously can't get it anymore and then they post something new.  I've seen pricey Ergo carriers that retail for $120+ for under $70 on one of the sites.  Babysteals and Kidsteals also have message boards where you can contact people who bought the deal but might want to sell to you.  It is a fun site and I love seeing what the deal of the day is going to be!! and are two additional sites I would suggest becoming familiar with.  I don't know how they keep up with all the deals they post but it is amazing!  The post everything from Amazon deals to Target coupons.  You can either follow their blog or "Like" them on facebook to see their posts.

The last site I've been using lately is  Swagbucks is a search engine.  You sign up and "earn" swagbuck for doing internet searches.  They also have other ways to win.  For example: When I bought my salon Groupon I bought it through the swagbucks site.  I earned 280 swagbucks just for making the purchase.  What is a swagbuck?  A swagbuck is redeemable for prizes.  450 swagbucks = $5 Amazon giftcard.  It is totally free to sign up and who doesn't like free money??

I've heard of a few other good sites lately like ebates and shopittome but I haven't used them yet.  What about you?  Have any websites that you just can't live without?  Share them with me!!


Courtney said...

Thanks for explaining swagbucks! I had no idea what it was all about. May need to head over there to get some free $$ :O)

Amber said...

Thanks for the mama sites. I had not heard of a few of those, so I will be checking them out.

I haven't had too much success with swag bucks, but I don't think I take full advantage of it.

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