Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stafford's 7 Month Update

Dear Stafford,

It is hard to believe you are seven months old.  Each and every passing month brings new changes, smiles and much more love than I ever thought possible!  Daddy and I often tell each other that we knew we would love you but we had no idea it would be this much!  You bring us so much joy and we are so blessed and honored to have the privilege of raising you.

You are still in your 3-6 months clothes.  You were 15 pounds and 27.5 inches at your 6 month appointment.  Your Dr. wasn't concerned but said we should make sure we are being consistent with our solids.  We have started eating solids twice a day so I think you will start to put on some more weight.  So far though it has been perfect because by the time the weather is warm here hopefully you'll move up into your 6-9 month size.  You are still wearing size 2 diapers.  We dried a different type this month and Mama hated them.  You woke up in the middle of the night every night for the 2 weeks that we used those diapers!  Back to our standard Pampers.

You are still sucking your toes like a champ.  If you don't have socks on you are looking for your toes.  Sometimes you even lean forward while you are sitting up to find them.  You also try to suck your thumb and nurse at the same time.  This doesn't work!  You are sitting up really well and you also have started to enjoy time on your tummy.  We got out some of your Christmas presents and you have enjoyed playing with them.  I also bought you a puzzle and you play with it all the time.  The crab is your favorite piece I think.

You are still sleeping well at night and have started to be more consistent in your  napping.  You still usually take 3 naps a day although the length of them varies considerably.

We have added squash, carrots and flavoured applesauce to your diet.  So far the only thing you haven't been crazy about is avocado.

You still love music and continue to be a good traveler.  You have definitely started "talking" a lot more as well as drooling!  You give kisses to Mama all day long.  You are SUCH a loving, huggy baby!  Your little dimple just melts our hearts!!  You play each morning with your musical table.  We have started reading books and you especially like "Tails" and looking at the page with the peacock.  You jump in the doorway jumper while we eat dinner.  You love Bear and want to pet him all the time.  Your favorite toys now are your seacreatures puzzle, Sophie the giraffe and anything that makes noise.

We love you so much little boy!!!

Daddy & Mama

This month for the first time you actually noticed the pelican.  I think it is going to take both Mama & Daddy to get you to sit still in this chair for this picture from now on!!


Rachel said...

I remember when Brennan first noticed the giraffe during his monthly pictures. It got much harder to get a good picture!
Since he has never crawled I can still usually do it by myself though. Once they become mobile, I hear it's almost impossible.

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