Monday, June 18, 2012

Father and Mother Day Pictures

Here are our lovely photos from Mother's Day and Father's Day.  As you can see on Mother's Day (blue dress) neither boy was super cooperative and we didn't even try to get a picture with Daddy!

Thankfully we had beautiful weather for Father's Day and the boys were able to wear some of their cute spring colors.  

I've also finally figured out how to do a watermark on my photos!!  I'm in Photoshop overload and I don't even know how to do much!  I'm excited to learn more though and hopefully it will just make taking photos even more fun!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother/Father's Day with your family!!


Debbie said...

Very cute pics Laura and your boys (all three) are super cute! You are doing a great job mom! Keep it up and keep your humor. Much better than anger.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great family pics.

Em S said...

Cute family photos!

Sue said...

Cute family!


leigh said...

You have such a lovely family!

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