Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Second Quarter Photos

Wow!  Just last that the year is halfway over.  It is hard to believe!  I've had a mix of fun and frustration with my camera over the past few months.  I've been slowly switching to manual and try to take pictures there as much as possible.  There is so much left to learn though and I'm ready to just have awesome pictures all the time.  I often feel like I am missing precious pictures of these boys because I am trying to learn.  I'll go back and find that a picture I thought looked right was out of focus.  I'm trying to pick up the camera each day just to snap random pictures of the boys both for memories and for practice.  I hope I can figure out this focus issue sooner than later!

Regardless here are my top five photos.  All but the one of Reed with his whale were taken on manual so I am super proud of that.  I tried over and over and over to take that one but the camera just kept focusing on the back of the chair.  Lots of time to practice this one since he'll get a picture with his orca each month!

I love my the Little Guy's smile in this one.  And his pretty eyes.  He is my best bud!

We're learning to laugh and make the best of these types of situations.  Yes that is an entire box of cereal on the floor.

Happy 1 month to my Littlest Guy!!  His animal is the orca!

Isn't he just precious??

I love this one!  I love the color and especially that I took it on manual!!  It's my sweet parents and their sweet grandsons.  It's a framer for sure!!

I would say I can't wait until next time but I can!!  I need the second half of this year to go a little slower.  I'm savoring every sweet moment I get with my 2 little babies!!


Melanie said...

AW! These are all SO precious. Lol... I had to giggle about the cereal box... we spill entire boxes of everything quite often too! I too switched over to manual about 2 months ago. It's frustrating, but so glad I'm learning more & more, & each day get's a teeny itsy bit better. You are doing AWESOME!!

Amber said...

They are two cuties!!! I can't believe next quarter I will be saying, "TWO babes."

Gotta love the messes kids make even if they do make you crazy.

Way to go working on manual. I must ask do you have your camera set on single point focusing? What are you setting your aperture on?

Sarah Halstead said...

Love these. Adorable. That last one is great.

Erica said...

Great photos! Your boys are beautiful.

Ashley Sisk said...

YOu have such beautiful children - love this set.

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