Monday, June 25, 2012

Miscellany Monday--Seersucker & Trucks

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We bought this rug a couple of weeks ago because our house is becoming overrun by trucks.  Not really, but the little guy is pretty close to obsessed.  We point out every bus, schoolbus, train, truck, car or firetruck we see.  And don't even get me started on construction equipment.  It's pretty amusing to hear him attempting to say cement mixer and backhoe.

Trucks however make me CRAZY!  Why? Because I am weird.  I have a very, very good memory for weird things like this and it bothers me when I know a truck is missing. In my head the solution to this is to buy about 759 trucks.  That way I'll have no clue if any or missing.  The problem is I then won't be able to find my child because our house will be filled from floor to ceiling with trucks.

I went on a truck finding spree yesterday and was pretty successful.  We're still missing 1 white ambulance, a white firetruck and some sort of grey jeep.  I'm so weird!

Where's Waldo?  Can you see him?  Only if you are looking for a large deer!  We've traded alligators in the back pond for deer munching on easy to reach apples.  We live right next to a gulch that is apparently full of wildlife.  In the summer we see them pretty often and you have to be careful about planting certain things in your yard because the deer will eat them all!  I got some better pictures with my camera that I'll post later n the week.  She let me get pretty close.

Since I'm still avoiding dairy (which is both easier and harder than I thought) we've started eating this version of salsa at our house.  Yummy!!  Recipe to follow!!

My sister had her baby boy this week!! Isn't little John Walker adorable??  And look at that gorgeous hair?  He'll be a heart breaker for sure!!

And here's my little heart breaker!  Isn't he precious in his seersucker?  We aren't in the south but we'll still act like it! I hope this still fits when I take him for his first set of pictures because I think it is about the cutest thing ever.  This little guy is cooing and talking up a storm.  We just can't get enough!!

Hope your Monday is fabulous!!!


Alyssa said...

I'm allergic to dairy and it is really hard sometimes but really interesting to find things that are/aren't made with dairy.

Boo said...

I love that alligator belt

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