Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's Prayer

I've been finding a lot of happiness and joy in these two little muchkins lately.  We've been getting a tiny more sleep which makes life seem less overwhelming.  And honestly life is just going by too quickly.  It seems like just yesterday I was wishing for babies and wondering if I'd ever have any.  And now two short years later I have two sweet little guys that make my life so full and wonderful

My prayer for these boys is that they would love Jesus and love each other.  I pray we will always be a close family.  That they will marry girls with beautiful hearts and who like to shop. (Clearly that is what my mother in law prayer for!)

I pray that I can continue to see the memories in the midst of the messes.  The opportunities in the midst of the chaos.  And that they will see Jesus in me and in Peter.

I pray that their little hearts and minds will stay pure and innocent.  That they will seek truth.  That they will pursue righteousness and be a champion for Christ.  

I pray that I'll know when enough is enough.  When to put down the camera and join in the giggling.  When to stop whatever I'm doing and imprint the beauty of it on my mind and heart instead of racing to my phone to capture it.  I pray for balance between wanting to give my kids everything and wanting to give them what they need.

I pray for grace.

I pray for kindness.

And most of all I pray that time will go just a little slower.  That it will stand still for a couple of moments every once in a while so I can soak in the wonderfulness that comes along with being the Mama of these two sweet boys.  That I won't wish away the days waiting for naptime or Daddy to come home.  That I will enjoy every moment.  What a gift it is!  


ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

New follower from the Happiness is Hop. What a wonderful prayer!!

I really liked the photos too!

Mindy @ New Equus - A New Creation said...

This is beautiful and what sweet pictures! Hug those babies tight! ;)

Em S said...

Very cute post! Love that top picture. It really makes a difference when you do get more sleep and how it helps make the days with two a little easier so you can appreciate them more!

Sarah Halstead said...

Love this post and photos. Adorable!!

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