Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thank You Daddy Bag

I know a LOT of fantastic Moms and Dads.  They give me sound advice, pray for me and walk beside me in this crazy parenting journey!!

Earlier this year our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group gave us a "Thank You Kit For Moms".  It was really cute!  It can also be adapted for Dads and since Father's Day is coming up I thought I would share what goes into the kit.  I changed a few of them as well

Hershey's Kisses
for always loving your kids unconditionally

Mounds Bar
for times when parenting seems insurmountable

Almond Joy Bar
for all the joy you've given them

for helping them grow into the person they're becoming

for all of your advice

for your sunny outlook and for brightening their days

for telling them about the one true Light

for being flexible

for being so valuable 

Poms Poms
for being their cheerleader

for being a "M"arvelous "M"om

to celebrate your victories 

to remind you to keep going and going

Smiley face sticker
to wish you happy days ahead

Tea Bag
so you can sit back and relax

for times when you feel burnt out

to remind you that everyone makes mistakes

Tootsie Roll
to remind you to let the small stuff roll off your shoulders

Sweet & Sour Candy
to remind you every child is different

A Bag
to help you keep it all together

Now, if I were receiving this from my boys I would definitely want the candy to king sized and the bag to be Vera Bradley!  Oh, and is the jewel a diamond?

For Dad you might try something like...

*a reusable water or coffee mug instead of a bag
*having your children decorate each side of the bag
*including 2 batteries and the small Daddy gadget to put them in
*different candy Snickers (because you make us laugh) Reese's Pieces (because you love us to pieces) etc.
*come up with a Bible verse that describes the character

You could also do a Thank You Wife or Thank you Husband bag!!

I'd love to hear what you decide to do to appreciate the husband/father/daddy in your life!!

Hmm...someone clearly needs help appreciating their wonderful Daddy!!


Anonymous said...

This is a very cute idea, but I love the picture. Little Stafford is normally always smiling. Peter must have pinched him! :)


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