Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun with Photos

Right before we had Littlest Guy I got a new computer.  My old laptop was circa 2005ish so I was pretty excited!  A couple of years ago my siblings-in-law got me Photoshop.  Before I had the chance to use it our old desktop died and I didn't have enough memory on my laptop to run it.  It took us at least 2 years to get a new one (not sure why!) but now that I have it I'm so excited to start using it with my photos!  I'd eventually like to get Lightroom but for now it's awesome to just be able to crop my photos!!

Little Guy is into hats.  When he finishes his lunch his plastic plate becomes a hat.  He puts his hands on his head and it is a hat.  Even an empty flower pot is a "hat".  I have no idea if I'm using the program correctly but here is my first picture edit!

I couldn't resist adding one of the Littlest Guy!  This is a shot I took on our porch the other day.  I like the original but I think it is a bit overexposed.  

Ok one more because this is so fun!!

I might be obsessed!


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