Friday, June 1, 2012


My wonderful in-laws came to visit this week. We had a wonderful week and I hate that they have to go so soon!

We got to have a date night which was amazing! Yummy Italian food and bought a new comforter.

We also had a picnic in the rain with our dear friends who just moved from Charleston.

We braved the crowds at Pike's Market and I got a bouquet of my favorite flowers.

Most of all we enjoyed watching these two sweet boys!

So blessed!!

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Here is the Littlest Guy all dressed up and waiting for Mimi and Grandad to arrive.

Love those chubby little feet!

Cars, airplane, with boys!

Picnic with the Thomassons.  Fun despite the rain!!

Peonies are in season.  My absolute favorite flower.

Date night!

I want to go to Pike's Market with an unlimited food budget just once before we leave here!

The new comforter.  Affordable, the right color and the right size.  

Starting to smile!

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Rebecca said...

those are sweet memories....the fruit, the flowers..and the beautiful moments of your family!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

that produce picture is so fantastic. like, take me away to the market, right NOW!!!

your boys looks SO very much alike. very handsome!

m said...

the flowers and the fruit look yummy! the boys are adorable! stoppin by from the link up ;)

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