Monday, June 4, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. Mecca

I need to make a pilgrimage to the culinary Mecca that is Charleston. I'm craving a burger from Poe's, fish tacos from Zia and the oh-so-delicious Mozz from Bull Street. And that is just the beginning. Wishing I could find a way to transport myself back each time mealtime rolls around.

2. Vicious cycle

Speaking of mealtime. Clearly baby boy enjoys it as well. He would rather eat than sleep it seems. I keep reminding myself that eventually he will learn to sleep but I also don't want to waste these precious newborn times!

3. Still...
Sick. And now Daddy is sick too. Two people have reminded me this week that Jesus tells us his grace is enough. I know we will make it through but I'm already ready for another grandparent visit!

4. So long..
In an effort to promote good digestion and to keep from changing my clothes multiple times a day I'm giving the dairy-free lifestyle a shot. I googled this and found all these results where people said they went through major withdrawal when doing this. What? I'm already grumpy enough. Also..dairy is literally in everything. Probably even my toothpaste. Guess I'll have to scratch that mozzarella sandwich at the top of my craving list!

This post would not be complete without mentioning my sweet husband. On Saturday he let me sleep in and then had Daddy-Sons bonding time while I sipped a chai and had my toes pampered. It was fabulous. Love my guys!

Thankful that His grace truly Is enough for today!!!

Happy Monday!


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