Monday, February 25, 2013

10 Month Update

Dear Sweet Baby Reed,

That's what we call you in the house.  Baby Reed.  I wonder when we will stop.  You still feel very much like a baby to me and I'm glad.  You are growing up way too fast!  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home for the first time and now you are getting close to a year old.

You are such a delightful child.  You are happy almost all of the time.  You have the cutest little dimples and this adorable way of raising your eyebrows when someone talks to you.  Your tongue is always out.  Your incredibly active and took your first steps this month!  You have walked 5 or 6 steps independently but mostly you are content to book it on your knees.  You go straight for the stairs and you can get up to the top in no time!  Next on the list is teaching you how to get back down!

You are still a tiny little guy weighing around 18 and a half pounds.  You are in some 6-9 month and some 6-12 month clothes.  You are still in size two diapers but we will move up as soon as you finish this package.  Your face is starting to fill out a little bit and your hair is getting long.  It is a nice light color.

You love to play with toys.  You stand at the train table a lot and take apart what Stafford is doing. You think it is a game and he thinks you are bugging him.  It is funny to see brother dynamics already starting.  But mostly you should know that your big brother loves you.  He asks about the "Reedster" often and when you wake up he is concerned if you fuss.  He wants to check on you and make sure you are "ok".  You enjoy pushing the little ride on toy we have across the room and walking behind it.  You also play with the barn upstairs quite a bit.

Your sleeping patterns are still not patterns yet.  For the most part you go to bed around 8 or 8:15.  You usually sleep until at least 6 but sometimes until 7 or 7:30.  You will get up and nurse and then go back to bed until sometime between 8 and 9:30.  Depending on what time you get up you'll take a morning nap and then a longer afternoon nap.  

You eat almost anything.  We feed you a few purees but for the most part you are eating all solids. You enjoy yogurt, applesauce, beans, peas, sweet potatoes and carrots.  You also really like crackers and cheerios.  You'll eat cheese but don't seem to be too much of a fan.  You are still nursing 5 times a day.

We are so thankful to have you Baby Reed!  We love you so much and so are such an amazing addition to our family.  We love watching your milestones and enjoying your smiling face.  What a gift you are to all of us!!

Mama & Daddy


ABpetite said...

Awww he is darling!!

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

He is an absolutely DOLL. Honestly. Can't get ANY cuter!

P.S. E-mailing you back tonight love. ;)

Jemm De Leon said...

Hi! I followed you through GFC. I hope you could return the favor. :)

Thank you.

Rachel said...

I love the close up picture at the end!

Leanne Redding said...

New follower here! So happy I found your blog!

Megan Card said...

Awww!! How adorable!!

Thank you for linking up with us for {too cute!} tuesday. Hope you have a fantastic week!

Rachel said...

He's such a cutie! Just found your blog through the mommy moments blog hop and have enjoyed reading :)

Anonymous said...

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