Thursday, February 7, 2013

Steps To Organization

Lately I've felt like my wheels are constantly spinning.  It's amazing how two tiny little boys can make such a big mess--every single day!!  I feel like I spend most of my time putting things back into place leaving me no time to actually clean the house.  Somehow I manage to find toys on my bedside stand, lotion on they boys dresser, matchbox cars in the bathroom sink and pieces to the Little Guy's nativity scene in the silverware drawer.  How does this happen??

I've been on a quest to organize and improve my house so I'm not caught in this constant battle of matchbox cars and un-matching socks.  One of my friends from my MOPS group is helping me both stay accountable to actually cleaning and has been giving me tips on how to get it done!

So here we go!

--Don't try to do it all at once!  You didn't accumulate all of the extra stuff in your house all once and you can't go through it all at the same time.  Baby steps.

--Everything must have a home.  I don't care if you keep your batteries in the medicine cabinet and your toys in the lazy susan.  As long as you have a spot for what you own you can keep it.  If you don't have a spot for it, well then it's probably time for it to go.

--Be realistic.  If you haven't worn it in the last year you probably aren't going to wear it.  Toss it! If you honestly think you are going to use something it is ok to keep it, but seriously evaluate each item as you are going through them.

--Do one area at a time.  Pick one room to start with.  Maybe you'll want to start with the messiest room because that will force you to get rid of things.  Or you could start with the cleanest room so you'll have at least 1 finished room!  It doesn't matter.  But pick one and get started.  Go through the room cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer.  Get rid of things you don't use.  Move things if you know they go somewhere else.

--Don't purchase any bins, baskets or storage containers.  Your goal is to go through your house and get rid of things.  After you've finished then re-organize what is left.  If you need boxes or baskets at this point it is ok to purchase.  But don't make them a catch-all.  Make sure they have a purpose.

--Don't be sentimental.  It's ok to hold on to SOME things that have sentimental value.  But again be realistic.  You don't have to keep a scarf just because you sister gave it to you 10 years ago.  If you don't use it, get rid of it!!

There are some good resources online that can help with establishing a cleaning schedule as well as organization.  I like Flylady and Money Saving Mom.

I've been doing this for the last two weeks and can't believe all of the extra stuff we have in our house!!  I'm saving it all up to get a picture at the end so I'll share that in a couple of weeks!!  My goal is to be finished by the middle of February!

I hope this helps you get started on your organizational projects!
The Littlest Guy "helping" out by putting toys where they don't go!


Amber said...

I feel ya girl!!!!!!! I am in the process right now. I have written goals to complete a specific room each week and broken them down into smaller goals. Now, if I could just do the organizing and get the floor swept.

Let me just say you are sooooooo fortunate that your boys will play more independently and hopefully still nap. B simply kicks my tail every so many ways. said...

But I love storage bins!! I like your practical advice here!!! Kids seriously take over every room! I need to try this!

Anna TTIL said...

I need help with the do things one at a time and the whole sentimental thing!

Kimberly Bikowski said...

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Hope you have a great day.

Kimberly @

Banessa's Delight said...

I get everything you are saying...great information! When I clean my closet out and I'm holding something that I'm not sure of; I ask myself "when was the last time you wore it and will you be wearing soon?" If I can't give a straight answer... into the Goodwill bag it goes. Great post!

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