Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mini Train Exhibit

Right after Christmas our local museum had a miniature train exhibit.  We've been all about transportation in our house lately so we thought taking the boys would be fun.  The Little Guy did not disappoint.  He was fascinated with the small trains and quite unhappy when the museum closed and we had to leave.  

These trains are built by hobbyists and are very intricate.  You can see everything from farms to cities.  Tiny military bases and train stations.  People, animals and familiar geography.  It was a fun way to see how trains have impacted the state of Washington.  And it was definitely fun to watch the Little Guy enjoy himself!

The trains were built like a racetrack, in a big square.  The owners would sit in the middle and run them and you could usually walk around the entire set-up and see the different towns and countryside.

Our little engineer was quite enthralled.

This is the Owens Ranch and Farm.  The pieces were tiny!

Other scenery.

Waiting for the train to arrive!

The Littlest Guy enjoyed hanging out too.

This picture was part of the army base.  It was huge!
You can see in this picture how the background was painted and then the scenes were set up in front. I can't imagine the number of hours it takes to create one of these scenes and then put it together for the exhibit!

There was a funeral going on at this little country church.

Tanks at the army base.

More army tanks.

This was a great exhibit.  There are a number of trains around the Seattle-Tacoma area to ride during the summer months so we'll definitely be doing that when the weather gets better.  We are officially a train-obsessed family!


Rachel said...

Those miniature train set ups look so cool! I love anything mini--I think that would have been a really fun exhibit to watch!

Sam Miller said...

When I was in High School we took a train from Chicago to Glacier National Park, Montana. By FAR one of the best vacations we've ever taken. It was so nice to get up and walk around and the food was 100X better than airplane food! There was even an 'observation' car that was nothing but windows. The trip may take longer, but it is WAY more fun!

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