Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life is Good

Had to share my favorite shots of the week of my sweet boys.  As I write this the Littlest Guy is making a beeline for the steps and the Little Guy is yelling "what's going on Daddy?" from the top of the stairs.  We finally got the boy's Christmas present after a few problems with broken pieces and they are loving the train table.  Littlest Guy spends a lot of time walking around it.

We like to refer to this shot as the GQ shot.  I had the Little Guy keep on his Sunday clothes so I could get a few pictures today.  I have one sister and no brothers so my Mom wasn't able to pass anything on to me for the boys to wear.  Except this one sweater.  I love it.  Doesn't he look so cute?  What you can't see is his belly practically hanging out the bottom because the sweater was slightly too  small.  That's ok though.  I love it that it's just a little bit of history.  This will go in the box and someday his wife will get it for their firstborn little boy or girl too. a LONG time from now someday little boy!!

Life is good!


The Not Quite Military Wife said...

That sweater is just precious! Thanks for sharing these cute photos and for linking up with us for Mommy Moments!

Jennifer Hughes said...

The GQ shot. Just precious. :-) We’re missing you over at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers (

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