Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paleo Chocolate "Donuts"

Although I've been slacking on my paleo diet lately at the beginning of the month the Little Guy and I decided make some sweet paleo treats.  He wants to "help" me in the kitchen all the time now.  I try to let him as often as possible but usually his version of helping involved trying to play matchbox cars on the stove while I have 3 pots bubbling or pulling things out of the fridge that he thinks we need for our recipe.  I have an app on my phone where he bakes and so he feeds me lines from that all the time.

We need two eggs!!

We need two cups of sugar for the recipes!!

We need two eggs!!
I hear that one a lot.

So we borrowed this recipe from PaleOMG.

We followed the recipe ingredients exactly and only changed the method of baking.  Instead of using a donut pan we used a mini muffin tin.  Although all of these disappeared here are a few suggestions I have after making them.

I didn't care for the spices in them at all.  If you bake often you probably have a good idea of what you like.  I am not a huge cinnamon fan in sweet dishes and this totally overpowered these.  They were also very banana bready in consistency.  Not donut-like at all.  

I put these in a cookie tin and they were too moist.  I would suggest letting them set out overnight so they dry out a bit and then putting them away to store them.  Or just eat them all right away.  You know, whatever works!  But seriously they were better once they were a little drier.

I do not suggest sprinkles but it was a way for the Little Guy to "help".  The rest of these (the recipes made around 50 mini "donuts") got the dark chocolate topping and the sea salt.  If you don't own sea salt I would suggest getting some.  I don't use it all the time but it makes such a difference when a recipe actually calls for it!

Overall I would make these again.  You could also top them with nuts or coconut.  Hope you enjoy!


mary_smith said...

Cute! I'd love to try your recipe.
I'm stopping by from Thumping Thursday!

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