Monday, February 13, 2012


1. Suggestions Please

For the first year of Little Guy's life I took a picture of him with his pelican so we could see how much he had grown each month.  I need to find an animal for the Littlest Guy.  Any suggestions?   It could really be anything but I feel so influenced by Stafford's current favorites that  I'm having a hard time choosing!  Some  ideas  I had were a moose, turtle or a horse.  Give me your best and most unique ideas!!

Wow what a difference a year makes!!

2. Not An Addict

The Little Guy changed sized mid-winter and this Mama wasn't prepared.  In order to find some staples I decided I'd just browse ebay to see what was there.  Oh my word!  I am only allowed to do it ever so often now because there is so much good stuff!!!  I limited myself to a pair of khaki pants for Little Guy and this cute romper for Littlest Guy.  I can't resist the airplanes.

3. Here Comes Trouble

Yes that is an entire box of Kleenex on my coffee table.

4. Mr. Adventure

After church today Little Guy ran to the front door and immediately yelled "TRUCK" and then "EHPLANE".  He does this every single time we go outside.  I find it adorable but I'm not so sure about those around me.

5. Biting My Tongue

I  think I love the weather here.  I  used to LOVE the weather in Charleston and I don't know if I just got old or if it got hotter but when I went back in December for a visit I was miserable.  I do not want to be sweating ever, but especially in December.  Whoever started the rumor that the weather is awful in the Seattle/Tacoma area lied.  But they did a pretty good job because that is always the first thing someone says when they find out we live here.  We've had lots of sun, it doesn't get too cold and when it is rainy it doesn't storm.  I'm really enjoying it!  I hope it doesn't prove me wrong now that I've admitted it publicly.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!  Please pray for a friend of mine from college who lost her infant son over the weekend.  I don't know any of the details but I can't imagine the pain she is going through right now!


BBrown said...

Since pelicans were so special to Charleston and the AF, pick an an animal that is unique to the northwest--like a whale, salmon, bear, etc!

Gretchen said...

I completely agree about the weather (though I was a bit further south)! It is a nice surprise and people warned me not to tell to many people or everyone would move to the PNW! Glad you are enjoying.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

since i grew up in Northern Cal, i can relate to your current weather. and i miss it dearly!!!! the summers here are unbearable... i never used to care too much, but while lugging two babies last summer in 100+ degrees i started despising the humidity. ha! : )

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