Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite January Photo

This sweet photo is so ironic to me.  It's of my baby who 
a. knows how to use an iphone
b. is using body language
c. is "talking" to his Daddy
d. is just not quite a baby anymore!

It's my favorite photo from the past month because he looks so happy and it makes me SO happy that he still remembers Daddy and wants to talk to him.  He gets SO excited when he hears that special ring that means Daddy is calling.  The conversations are short and humorous but very touching.  It's not my choice that it characterizes this stage in our lives but it's still awfully cute.  And now Daddy knows exactly how Little Guy looks when they are having their conversations.

Thanks to Courtney for sponsoring her fun monthly photo contest!!

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carissa at lowercase letters said...

that is really so very precious!!!

my kiddos are kind of addicted to the phone. it's scary/crazy/insane. they think every screen is a touch screen. ha!

glad this month is going to bring you your man. : )

ps. i'm in love with apple cinnamon cheerios too lately. i think we're food twins.

Courtney said...

This is great! I love how grown up he looks! Just imagine in 16 years that is going to be him talking to a girl, yelling at you to get out of his room :O) he he What a great way to remember him talking with his daddy on the phone. Thanks for linking up!

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