Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toddler Thursday--Books We Love (18 Months)

Being the self-proclaimed nerds that we are my husband and I really hoped our son would enjoy reading.  So far we are still at the "let's point at objects and tell Mama what they are" stage.  He also says "bye-bye" when a book is over or when he is finished reading it. (So cute!)

Some of our favorites include--

Anything about Spot!  Eric Hill has authored an entire series that focuses on Spot, a little yellow dog.  We especially enjoy one where Spot visits a farm because there are plenty of "boos" in it.

This is our number one must read book.  I have already had to tape pages back into it!  It is 10 pages long and each page adds a puppy.  There is also a red ball and a worm on each page so you can use those to have them search.  Little Guy could seriously read this book 100 times a day everyday.  We definitely carted this book across the country during out 10-week visit home because we can't live without it!

Oh my.  We hear this book more than we read it!  See that little yellow button at the bottom right of the book?  Yeah that plays the song.  I hear it over and over and over.  Our favorite verse of this song is the "wipers" verse.  Little Guy does the hand motion for that whenever he wants me to sing.  It really is an adorable book and it makes me smile when I hear him reading it.

Anything by DK publishing.  I find most of these at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  Little Guy LOVES the one about first words and trucks.  We have lots of these books.  They are also the perfect size for them to "read" in their carseat or to pack in  your purse for an outing if you want something to occupy them!

We have LOTS of these books as well.  They have realistic pictures and are full of bright colors.  Little Guy loves the ones about animals!  They make large and small versions.  I get these are Marshalls and TJ Maxx as well!

Babies love books with flaps.  These little people books are FULL of flaps!  Each page has at least 8-12 flaps to look under.  Little Guy loves to pull them up and see what is underneath.  We have this one and he loves to make the frog go down the slide.

There are 26 books in this box, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Each book has 3 words accompanied by a picture.  We read these almost every day.  Little Guy can recognize almost all of the pictures now.  I am astounded at how they have helped to expand his vocabulary!

I don't know if you can tell how big these books are but they are about the size of your palm.  They are perfect for little hands.  We have a LOT of books that are small like this because they are easy to hold and pack in a diaper bag.  Little Guy especially enjoys them if they have...wait for it...flaps!

This is one of our favorite books right now.  It has a "boo" in it so that is the most important thing!  He also loves some of the sounds.  Right now he walks around the house saying "moomb" (boom) and "pop" over and over!  He will also sometimes add "hoo hoo" because that is what the owl says in the book.  This is just a fun book!

These are some of our very favorite books!  I encourage you to try all types of books with your toddler.  They might enjoy books with texture, flaps, books to read in the tub...who knows!  We've found our little guy gravitates to different books at different times.  Right now anything with cows or puppies makes him happy.  He also loves flaps and anything that plays music!

I do most of my book shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  They always have a wide variety and their prices can't be beat!

I'd love to hear about some of your toddler's favorite books!  What do we need to add to our library (other than a new bookshelf!!)??


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