Monday, February 20, 2012

Bathtime Fun

I have to say that my least favorite time of the week is bath time.  I know you probably think I'm crazy but I just don't enjoy the whole process.  Peter gave the Little Guy all of his baths before he left but clearly I could skip baths for 6 months.  While we were home my parents and other family members helped me out which was amazing!  And honestly since we've been back at home he has done much better.  He is really into "bubbles" and he talks about them anytime we are in the bathroom.  He also wants me to run the water the whole time he is in the tub.

Here are some cute shots from one of our baths last week.

I don't know if you can tell but the water is green in these pictures.  My Mom found these

Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors 24 Count
and put them in his stocking for Christmas.  They come in red, yellow and blue and you can make different colors by mixing them.  I think they are so fun!  So far we've had red, blue and green water.  I'll do anything to make bath time last a little bit longer and be a little more fun!  Plus they make super fun pictures!

What do you do to make bathtub time fun at your house??


Rachel said...

I love bath time! It helps that B loves it too and it can take up a good 20-25 mins before bedtime when he would be getting cranky if he wasn't in the tub. We used to have 8 billion toys in the tub, but now some nights he just wants a duck or just a wash cloth. Sometimes we blow bubbles. They're fun because they'll sit on top of the water without popping. He also likes playing with bath crayons and shaving cream. Like S, B loves the running water so I have him help me count to 10 and then we turn it off. It was super nice of Peter to do bath time before he left! I always do it.

Amber said...

I almost bought those last week, but was nervous that they might turn my old porcelain tub colors.

B loves bubbles and asks for a bubble bath every night.

Sorry, you don't like bath time a little more.

Summer said...

love bath time! Kelcee loves the color tabs..the yellow ones well they look like pee lol! They are really cute and fun! Your little dude is presh and I am glad he is liking bath time more. Once he starts liking it more I am sure you will too!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Such a cutie!

Em S said...

We go back and forth with bath time, right now the boy is liking baths and cooperating, hopefully this phase is more than a phase and lasts a lot longer! I haven't seen those bath colors, where can one pick those up?

Becs said...

Aah, so cute! I used to struggle with bathtime when my daughter was little too - it seems to come right at the wrong time of day! You can get bathtime crayons which are pretty fun too.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Awww what a cutie! :) My kids love those fizzy bath color tabs... I stopped buying them when they started dumping the whole bottle into the tub! hahaha now my kids just like showers and make me stay away.. I miss bathtime

Erika B said...

Bathtime is always a lot of fun! Cute shots.

Erika B

Sue said...

I used to get sore knees and a backache doing the baths. But the kids were always lots of fun in the tub.


leigh said...

Oh bath's so messy for something designed to get people clean, isn't it?

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Cute photos.

Regards and best wishes

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