Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Observing Lent

I've been thinking about Lent for the past few days.  I grew up in a church that didn't put a lot of emphasis on Lent.  I had never heard of Shrove Tuesday and I had seen Ash Wednesday on the calendar but until I moved to Charleston I had never come into contact with anyone who actually had ashes on their forehead for most of the day!

Lent isn't something we are commanded to observe.  But sometimes it is nice to have accountability in life.  And I think taking a period of time, especially before Easter to reflect on the cross is really important.

I read this post by Janice over at Celebrating Family today.  I thought she had a great perspective about the observation of Lent and it echoed what I had been thinking and feeling over the past few days.

So in concordance with the Easter season I've decided I'm going to give up all television watching during naptime.  I don't really watch a lot of TV and I think honestly I just like to have noise in the house.  But I know I need to work on just being silent.  It's hard to talk to God and even harder to listen when you have the  TV on.  Plus I haven't been consistent at being in the Word and that is the perfect time for me to do this each day!  We don't skip naptime so I shouldn't be skipping my prayer and devotional time!!

I am hoping this will help me start a better habit.  I also have some books I want to finish before we become a family of 3 again and then 4 shortly after!  And since I'm entering the home stretch of this pregnancy it is good for me to rest!

Please feel free to ask me about how this journey is going.  I know this isn't the most interesting post but I really wanted to put it out there so people could help hold me accountable.

Are you doing anything for the Lent and Easter season?  


Devon Roxberry said...

You won't regret this decision. The world is too noisy. We can hear god when we are quiet before him. I'm proud of you Laura.

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