Friday, February 3, 2012

Dots Dots & More Dots

As  usual it is Friday and I wish I had picked up my camera a little more this week.  However I did actually take some pictures so I am happy about that!

Here is my favorite picture from this week!

I love that we've attempted this craft (aka putting dots on a page with markers) before and had no success and then suddenly he just "gets" it!  We did still struggle with wanting to taste all of the markers but I figure that will eventually go away right?

I love his shaggy hair and the way his chubby little fingers are gripping the marker.

I am NOT loving our wallpaper and hopefully it will be gone in the next couple of weeks!!

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Rachel said...

We love our do a dot markers. My next thing to try is getting him to place them inside dots on a page. There are do a dot letters that I've found on some blogs and want to see if he can do it. My guess is that he is still too little but sometimes they surprise you!

The Planet Pink said...

Those look so fun! I know my girls have used them at school, but I've never bought them for home. I should check them out. I bet #4 would love it.

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