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Toddler Thursday--Favorite Pregnancy Books

Anyone who knows me or even pretends to know me has figured out that I am a voracious reader.  I LOVE to read.  And I will read almost anything.  I love children's book, teen books, fiction, non-fiction, get the picture.  I especially enjoyed reading during pregnancy.  For something so common the stuff that happens to you mentally and physically is so weird and unexpected.

Here are some of my favorite pregnancy, baby and fatherhood related books so far!

1. What To Expect Series
Ok you knew this one would be on there.  If you haven't read this or at least heard of it I'd be surprised.  This is a great guide for what might be happening to you each month.  It gives you a wide range so you aren't freaking out if you don't fit the mold perfectly.  It also answers lots and lots of questions about what you should and shouldn't do, eat or worry about!  The series starts with What to Expect Before You are Expecting and continues up to the toddler years.  I have to admit I didn't use it too much after Little Guy was born but I really enjoyed referencing it during my pregnancy.

2. The Expectant Father
I've blogged about this book before because it is great!  A friend recommended this to us and I think Peter and I would both say we were glad he read it.  It talks about the baby coming from a Daddy's perspective and it also addresses briefly what Mama-to-be is going through physically and emotionally each month as well as baby's growth and development.  If your husband is like mine he loves to know  what is going on but only wants about 1/10th of the information that I do!  It brings up great issues like what you should talk about beforehand and what Daddy-to-be might be freaking out about.  

3. Good Night, Sleep Tight
This book by the "Sleep Lady" is a great guide for shaping sleep.  A friend of mine blogged about sleep issues lately and she wondered where in the world the term "sleep like a baby" comes from.  All babies are not great sleepers.  And they really really need Mama and Daddy to help them shape their sleep.  The earlier they learn this the better it is for you!!  This book is practical and easy to follow.  It addresses various ages and stages.  We used this as well as...

4. Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child
You'll find very similar stuff in this one as in number 3.  Either or both are fabulous!

Some additional books that I haven't finished but come highly recommended from friends are...

Shepherding a Child's Heart
The Ministry of  Motherhood
The Mission of Motherhood
That's My Son
No-Cry Sleep Solution

Read with caution...

I know there are current mother's reading this saying what?  Babywise was my babybible!  I think there are many valuable things in this series.  And I am definitely not recommending against it.  However, I think it is VERY formulaic.  And here's the thing....babies aren't!  There are so many factors that go into everything that has to do with your individual child.  And I know of friends who have tried to follow this method and been SO disappointed when their baby didn't respond like the author says they will.  I think the concepts are wise but I would suggest following them loosely and not freaking out if it doesn't work!

Obviously reading some of these is premature.  But if you are a reader and really want to get ahead these are some of my favorites!

I never thought I'd be saying this but I would also totally suggest buying an e-reader of some type!  You can now download Nook and Kindle on your iphone or ipad if you have one.  I found balancing a book when attempting to nurse (I was always too bored just sitting there and we didn't have a TV close) was quite difficult at the beginning.  And in the middle of the night I didn't want to turn a light on but sometimes I wanted to read.  I have a Nook Color and really like it.  You can use it for basic internet functions and it is easy to use.  I've downloaded lots of books for the Little Guy as well as some Apps to keep him busy!

Hopefully this is helpful in preparing to prepare for a baby!  I'd love to hear some of your recommendations!!  


Boo said...

we love healthy sleep habits, happy child in our house. Got our little guy sleeping so much better almost over night.

alison said...

i was attached to my "what to expect" books. especially with my first pregnancy!

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