Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Long (Too Long) Journey

It's Day 2 of my "In It to Win It" surge to finish this weight loss journey that I've been on....oh forever.  I post about my struggle with weight back in June of 2011.  I was excited about the progress I was making with my personal trainer in Charleston and the goal of losing all of my first pregnancy weight was in sight.

And then we moved.

And I got pregnant.

And huge.

And had to start all over.

Thankfully the journey has been much more fun this time.  I've found a method of working out that I love.  I've discovered that I CAN eat healthy and that I have way more willpower than I thought I did.  In September I chronicled my Whole 30 journey  and then I got stuck.  I let the fast pace of life suck me into the "we'll just get pizza this one night" or "it's my birthday I want to splurge" or "Peter is gone and I've been cleaning up puke for a week I need a bowl of ice cream...or seven" and I just got stuck.  Thankfully I've been able to maintain what I had lost already and even lose a tiny bit more.  But I'm ready to finish off this battle!!

So I'm back to the Whole 30.  This time it's Whole 30 M-Friday at lunch and Paleo on the weekends.  There isn't too much of a difference but I can make a few "treats" using honey or other natural sweeteners that I can't do while on Whole 30.  It's a good compromise for me and I'm sticking with it until I reach my goal!

I'll be posting a few more recipes over the next couple of weeks and hopefully by Reed's birthday I'll have an awesome update for you!

If you are on a weight loss journey I'd love to hear your story!!


alison said...

i have been so impressed with all of the recipes you've posted. i have to admit that i had to google "paleo diet" because i had no idea what you were talking about! i've been taken off of dairy completely this week by my doctor and i've been whining and complaining the entire time (today was the first WHOLE day off dairy so my husband is ready to move out! lol) so kudos to you for making a commitment to altering your diet!

Lauren said...

You can do it! I have lost 55lbs in seven months after my second son was born, and am two pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. I didn't cut anyting out, just allowed myself 1600 calories and then worked out for 30 minutes a day for three of those months. I have eased up on the exercise but am currently maintaining and feel great!

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