Friday, March 15, 2013

Insta Friday

I'm back on Paleo and have finally found a yummy treat.  This stuff tastes JUST like the tea they give you at Aveda when you go to get your hair done.  However you get 20 for $3.00.  Yum!

Be still my heart.  Watching these two "build" a shelf together was magic.  Pure magic.  Little Guy asked numerous times...

Do you want to work together with me Mama?

We will all work together.


This..not so precious.  I like to call it "Unsupervised"  Salt art by the Little Guy.


Got these cuties for a steal at our local consignment shop.  They are NWT and I'm saving them for the Littlest Guy....or a Little Girl someday!

He rarely closes his eyes when nursing...he is too I was happy to capture this shot.

Yum!  5 ingredient triple chocolate cake.  

Already such a good helper!

This kid is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

And rocks some awesome bedhead.

Cuddling with our present that Daddy brought back from his "vacation".  

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LawraLoo @ Pure Impressions said...

Such cute kiddos!
Found you through Sugar and Dots fb blog trade.


Debsdailylife said...

Where did you find this tea? I have been looking everywhere for it ever since you posted that picture. I LOVE licorice and I want this tea!! :)

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