Thursday, March 14, 2013

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)

I've debated writing an actual post over this but I've found that posting things of this nature helps to keep me accountable.  I've also enjoyed the relationships that I've made through blogging the last few years so I just didn't want to disappear!

I'm taking a short break from blogging.  On the outside it will look like I'm still around.  I have some posts lined up for the next couple of weeks.  And I do plan to get on to post Reed's 11 month update.  But other than that I'm taking a break.

I'm getting ready to teach a session at our church retreat on social media so in some ways this was a perfect time to do a social media "fast".  More important however is that I really feel this is what I need to be doing.  I want to focus my time for the next couple of weeks on my faith, my family and eating the right food!

I fully intend to come back to blogging but I'm not sure in what capacity.  I love blogging.  It's an opportunity to be creative.  It's fun to build relationships and share my babies with my friends and family who are miles away.  But it also has the potential to be a HUGE stumbling block. media in general.  They all tend to bring out the "best" in us.  We post all the special crafts we're doing with our kiddos, the amazing recipes that are coming out of our kitchen and only the pictures that are in focus.  And not that you need me to tell you this, but life isn't like that.  You see a tiny portion of our lives on my blog.  You don't see me on the days when I haven't showered...because honestly who wants to see a WIWW post when my hair is greasy and I haven't brushed my teeth?  You don't see all the times that the Little Guy sits in time out or the baby with a runny nose.

I've been planning on doing this since the beginning of January and it's taken me this long to actually go through with it.  That tells me that I love my blog way too much.  In some ways it's a safe place.  I get to be me and I get to filter out everything I don't want people to know.  It doesn't mean I necessarily do that....I try to be honest and transparent....but I definitely don't post about every time I fail and clearly I can only get it together to post one "I got dressed" outfit a week.

So I'm taking a break.  I plan on getting a lot of reading done.  I plan on working on some projects. I plan on really focusing on what God is and probably has been trying to teach me since at least January when I first started to get the nudge to put the blog down for a while.

So if you are a faithful reader I hope you'll still read on and I hope you'll be around when I get back!  I really do enjoy this little space and sharing our lives with you.  You are an encouragement to me and I love hearing from you.  You can certainly reach me via email and I'll be on other forms of social media but sparingly.  Instagram is the best place to find me because it's quick and easy!

And if you want you can pray for me that I am able to discern the things that God is trying to teach me in my life right now.


Rachel Ennis said...

Your "TTFN" totally reminded my of the "LYLAS" pen pal Begomi letters I know I have saved somewhere at my parent's house! Enjoy your break :)

Grey said...

Laura, I will miss your posts, but will be here when you come back. Take whatever time you need. I have no doubt it will all fall into place for you. May you have a wonderful time with your lovely family!

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