Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

This time last year we were anxiously awaiting the return of Peter.  He spent 6 longs months overseas and I remember the excitement that I felt as the weather began to get better and we hoped for his swift return.

We celebrated Easter with egg salad once he arrived because I was too pregnant, too excited and frankly too exhausted to do much more.  

This year we'll spend Easter apart but that's ok.  Regardless of whether we are together or apart we have the same hope.  

Easter is the culmination of God's plan for Jesus here on earth.  He came as a baby....grew...taught...lived a sinless life.  He then died willingly for our sins so that we wouldn't be faced with judgement.

Having children has given me a new perspective on the way God views me.  Sometimes I feel like I am handing out consequences all day long.  Children (and people in general) are just sinful little creatures!  I can't imagine what it would feel like to have to pay for all of my sins.  Way too many to count.  Way too gross to name.  

Thank goodness for a merciful Savior.  A loving Father.  A willing Sacrifice.  A risen Lord.

This post started out as a "hurrah I have my camera back from the shop" post.  I captured these shots at the park today as we enjoyed the first day of spring-like weather here in PNW.  I know it isn't perfect...but that one in the middle of brother pushing brother....melting my heart a little bit.  Ok, a lot a bit.  So thankful for these precious gifts the Lord has entrusted us with!!

PS...we love you Daddy!!


alison said...

that middle shot IS such a sweet brother picture :) we are so thankful to have a Savior who died for us...when i think about all the things that i do wrong each and every day, it's astonishing to know that He took on the whole world's sins. we are blessed to be able to celebrate His fulfillment of God's plan as he rose from the tomb :)

Poekitten said...

Amen! He is Risen!

This is the first Easter my husband and I will be spending together since the Navy always had other ideas of how he should spend Easter. I hope you have wonderful one with the kiddos!

Megan Card said...

Awww! Your babies are precious!

Thank you for linking up with Kenz and I for {too cute!} Tuesday!!

~Dawn~ said...

Adorable pictures :)

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