Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIWW-The "I Need A Full Length Mirror" Edition

I've been wanting to participate in WIWW for a while now but there is one major problem.  I don't have a full length mirror in my house.  I'm sure some people think that is crazy but I've never had one.  After this week I've decided I need to get one!  I also decided to participate on a week when I was the only one home so I couldn't get anyone else to take the pictures.

Regardless I think this is a great challenge.  I'm not sure what I thought I'd dress like when I was a SAHM.  I definitely got dressed more often in Charleston because honestly there was no way to go a day without showering in such a humid environment.  Plus it was easy to put on a tank top and a cute skirt and call it an outfit!  Here in the PNW the weather makes you want to wear sweats all year round.  So I have to challenge myself to get up and get dressed.

Here is the one outfit I did manage to capture on camera this week.  Please excuse the awesome lighting in my bathroom and the iphone self portraits due to my issues above.  Ha!

Have you heard of Everyday Icing?  It's an online auction that sells awesome jewelry each week at low prices.  Just Like them on Facebook and you can find out when they are having their sales!  I got this awesome blue/green/mint/can't exactly determine the color necklace in the mail this week and couldn't wait to wear it!

I am OBSESSED with neon colors.  I wish everything I owned was neon.  Ok not everything but a lot of stuff.  This bright yellow sweater from the Loft is one of my favorite items of clothing.  I paired it with a white tank top and dark denim skinny jeans, also from the Loft.

I can't leave out my awesome earrings!!  These were created by the lovely Hannah at Happy Days, better known as wifeysinger.  Believe me, you NEED some of her jewelry in your closet!

Next week I'm determined to be back with more fun outfits and a full length mirror!!


Kelsey Eaton said...

That yellow with the blue necklace is so pretty!! love it.

Rachel said...

There's not really a way to completely win with mirror shots, I feel. I actually have a mirror covering one entire wall of my bedroom, but I never feel like my bedroom is really clean and beautiful enough that I want the whole thing reflected in a picture! :P I like the bright colors you're wearing!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

So cute! I find accessorizing is the easiest way to 'dress up' a sahm outfit. I don't own a full length mirror either..really should invest in one!

Franziska said...

I really like that color on you - it's just enough without being WHOA, ya know what I mean? The turquoise looks perfect with it.

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