Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Au Naturel

We are trying to take advantage of all of the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  Once of the things I've been most impressed with here is the park system.  We have amazing parks in our town.  One of my goals is to visit each one at last once while we live here but I'm not sure we'll make it!

Our local zoo is run by the park system as is a cool place called Northwest Trek.  NWT has animals that you can see that are in areas kind of like a zoo.  But the fun park is riding the tram through the park and catching a glimpse of a moose, bison or deer.  We took the kids a couple of weeks ago and had a blast!

You can tell this guy was so impressed.  I'm not sure he saw a single animal.  But he enjoyed many crackers.

Pointing out Swiper the Fox

My sweet boy!

Love this guy!  Isn't he so handsome?

Clearly worn out by our foray into the wilderness.  I love that he took one bite of his apple and then fell asleep.

Our buddy the moutain came out to play!  It was a gorgeous day!!

This makes me laugh

Love that toothy grin

The earth is filled with the Lord's glory.  Habakkuk 2:14


kassondra taylor said...

looks like you had great weather! what fun memories

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