Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The White Shadow

That's what my husband calls my our dog. It's an apt description. Way better than his name. Who calls a 7 pound dog Bear? Yes, you read that correctly. Our frou frou little dog's name is Bear. Peter thought it would be funny to call out "Bear" and have people think we had a monster dog.

Monster dog in size he is not. Monster dog in naughtiness he is!

Some of Bear's behaviors have improved with age. Sigh. It only took 4 years to get him to stop peeing in the house. I mean come on! We got Bear the Thanksgiving after we were married. Peter was going to be gone for six months and I told him I couldn't be alone in the house that long without cable or a dog. We got both.

The first night we picked up Bear we drove to meet my parents at Starbucks so they could see him. Peter got him out of the car and as he was holding him realized he was pretty warm. Our sweet puppy had pottied down the front of his shirt. We then drove 4 hours to Peter's parents house in Tennessee. Upon arriving Bear attempted to establish his dominance over their golden retriever and then promptly ran around the living room in circles at top speed for about 5 minutes. Once he stopped he left a little present for Peter right in the middle of his clothes.

Clearly we were off to a great start.

Nevertheless Bear was a good companion for me. Don't laugh but once I even researched how to clone your dog. Stop it....I can hear you laughing. I told Peter that even if we got another dog just like Bear it wouldn't be the same dog and so I wanted to clone him. It costs about a bazillion dollars and since then I have decided I would rather not clone my dear puppy.

Bear really isn't a bad dog, he just has some bad habits. He clearly believes he is my guardian angel and thus tries to attack or bark at anyone or anything that gets close. At our old house he used to bark at leaves when they would blow near the house in the wind. We now have a massive front porch that we use daily. Bear sits at the gate and barks at every single person that walks by. It's not annoying at all.

I can't go anywhere in the house without Bear following me, hence the nickname, the White Shadow. He really is a sweet little dog and just wants to cuddle with you all the time. I do kind of feel sorry for him now that the Little Guy seems to think he wants to pillow fight all of the time. I'll let you guess who wins that one.

Having my babies was definitely a turning point for me as far as loving my dog. I still love my dog. But it just ins't the same. Being a military family it's hard having a pet. We end up leaving home more often than a traditional family and this becomes costly as far as boarding or shipping.

All things considered I don't regret getting little Bear. He has been a sweet addition to our family and really did keep my good company the first few years of our marriage when Peter was gone. I know once the boys get a little older they will have so much fun with him. And it really is hard to stay mad at a creature that loves you as much as this one loves me.


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