Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIWW--Date Night

So here I am on week two and although we did actually purchase a full length mirror, I've been in yoga pants since we hung it up. Soooo...

Friday night was a long awaited date night! We ate at a local Italian restaurant and enjoyed a little kid free time. It was fabulous.

I was pretty excited about my outfit because a. Hello emerald green pants B. my two year old picked out my shoes, and C. I bought this shirt forever ago and it finally fits!

Isn't this watch great? I bought it while my husband was overseas for 6 months so I would know what time it was there. Now I set it to EST since that is where my family lives.

New goal....actually use my new mirror!!

Pants--Michael Kors
Shirt & Tank--LOFT
Watch--Urban Outfitters
Necklace--Happy Days by Wifeysinger
Shoes--Nine West

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Julie said...

Cute outfit! I went outside my comfort zone and purchased colored pants recently too, they are wine color, and I love them! Glad you had a date night to dress up for :)

The Students Wife said...

I love the watch!! That is so cute

Lauren said...

Wow, you look great and I love those pants!

Meaghan said...

Love the green pants, Laura! I'm new to the blogosphere, and have been enjoying Storybook Reality. Just gave my readers a link to your blog/WIWW. :) Here's the post.

The Mommist said...

Love the color combo, Laura!!! Green is the lucky color of the year according to Feng Shui. What color's your nail polish? Red or fuchsia?

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