Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1st Quarter Top Photos

Wow!  I can't believe the first quarter of this year is over.  And we all know what that means for this family!!  Can't wait to include pictures in the next quarter that will have all THREE of my guys in them instead of just the Little Guy.  Until then though these will feature him!

I love his silly expression in this picture!!  He is SO into "bubbles" right now.  He knows what the bottle looks like and finds it in the bathroom and brings it to me and says "bubbles!!!".  So cute!

This is one of my practice pictures for my photo class.  I'd like to crop it but I don't have my photo software yet!  I love the Little Guy's face!  Pure joy!!

This is the first picture I took of the Little Guy for my class.  His face is blown out and I'm anxious to try some additional pictures in this chair once Daddy gets back.  It was a really cloudy day but I'm finding cloudy days here in the northwest are different than cloudy days in the south.  I think there was also a reflection from our white porch rails.  Regardless look at those beautiful eyes!

Oh my word.  I WISH I could show the video from this bath.  These two cousins are hilarious.  Hilarious!!  They "painted" with shaving cream for a while and then just made all kinds of noise and jumped around and splashed.  Such a fun moment.

Love the color of his eyes in this picture too.  This was one of our first visits to the playground. He is starting to get SO big!  He had so much fun getting dirty as you can see from his upper lip.  I just love watching him be a little boy!!

I hope you'll join Sarah, Amber & Ashley and link up your favorite photos from the first quarter of 2012 too!!


Anonymous said...

Such cute photos.

Amber said...

First, yay that you only have a few days until Peter comes home. Second, Stafford and B would have a blast together. B can't get enough of bubbles. His constant request of them has died down a little, but he still loves them. Now, it is CARS, CARS, CARS!!

These are sweet photos. I look forward to hearing more and more about the class. However, I know it is hard to post much, when you are so busy and tired/

Ashley Sisk said...

YOu have such a cute little guy - love all of these photos!

Kim Cunningham said...

What a sweet little guy. These are precious shots.

My name is Melanie said...

Such sweet photos! Lol... I thought the shaving cream was cake at first! I was like wow, now that is one fun bath! Lol)

Michele said...

Precious photos of your dears! Bath time is such a great way to start and end every day at this age.

xoxo michele

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