Monday, March 19, 2012

Photography Class--Week 2

I am taking a photography class through the website ClickinMoms.  Can I just say that a 19 month old is not an ideal subject?  This week (supposedly the hardest week) we were learning about Custom White Balance, Back Button Focusing and Metering.  We had to print out these cards on 8x10 pieces of paper and then use those to figure out if our camera leans towards a certain tint.  Well you are supposed to get your subject to hold up the card.

Clearly this wasn't going to happen.

For today's assignment I set the Little Guy up on our coffee table and let him watch a ridiculous number of Curious George episodes while chowing down on "apple apple apple" and "cheereros".  Way too many cheereros.  I swear I must have taken about 100 pictures.  I still don't think I did the assignment the right way but I have learned a lot about my camera this week and when Peter gets back I plan to get him to help me re-do a lot of the lessons, even if I don't get a critique.

This class has definitely been worth it though.  I feel more comfortable with my camera and I understand how it works better.  I don't want to become a famous photographer or even start a business.  I just want to be able to take beautiful photos that we can hang in our house and send to the grandparents.

Here is my shot of the Little Guy today.  Keep in mind that each time I put the grey card up to try to meter he would smack it with his milk, an apple or his fist.  Lovely.

It isn't the awesomest picture as far as composition but I absolutely couldn't bribe him to look my way.  I was really happy because this with taken indoors and I think the lighting looks really good!  I love how you can see his individual pieces of hair...and if you get close up his eyes are actually in focus which is great!  As you can see he is stuffing his face and is also wearing his "monk monk" outfit while he watches George.  We are pretty into monkeys at our house right now.

I hope I will keep learning and my goal is to really feel like I know what I'm doing by the time Littlest Guy arrives.  Not too much longer to wait now!!


Don said...

The lighting is good. The focus is good. I think you did a great job on this one!

Cedar said...

Very cute! I love how his hair kind of glows in the light!

Kim said...

Oh toddlers are so hard to photograph, but when you get the shot it is always worth it. :) What a sweet little cutie. :)

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