Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've been noticeably absent from the blogging world yet again and have another good reason......we had our first family visitors!!!  I have barely been able to share our new home and city with my husband so I was so excited to show it off to part of our family.  And let's be honest....after 2 weeks of crazy illness....I was really ready for a break.

I picked up my sister-in-law Katherine and her little boy (known as The Accomplice on this blog) from the airport last Thursday.  What ensued was five days of toddler madness punctuated by bathtub dancing and countless games of peek-a-boo.  These little ones are best buds and if you could have seen them together you'd know why!  When we picked them up at the airport we strapped the Accomplice into his carseat and he looked over at my Little Guy and got the biggest grin ever on his face.  He was SO excited to see him!

We spent time at the zoo the first day but after that we didn't have very good weather.  These boys sure didn't mind.  They "beep beep"ed their way through the house with cars, trucks and trains.  They went down the "schlide" over and over.  The played peek-a-boo in the toddler size closet upstairs.  They painted and danced in the bathtub.  Mostly they gave their Mamas lots and laughs and smiles as they hung out together.

It was such a welcome break for us and although we didn't really get to go out and paint the town (thanks to the cold weather and rain) we had an awesome time.  Here are a couple of highlights...

The boys at the zoo

Testing out the new "schlide"

They both loved it!

Riding on the airplane

Checking out Olivia books for the Accomplice's birthday

I'll have to do a separate post with our bath painting and matching pjs!

I am so so so thankful that they were able to visit us!  It really helped me to get some good rest after my sickness and it was amazing to hear laughter and fun in our house!  Little Guy and I definitely have a good time on our own but I know he really enjoyed having a playmate his own age.  And I really enjoyed having someone to talk to that says more than "more milk please" and "mickmey!!" all day long!  We quickly knocked 5 days off of the calendar and we'll be in the single digits next week!!  And my sister seriously spoiled me!  She did laundry...dishes...and let me sleep in!!  It was incredible!!

We miss you already!!!!


Danelle said...

These photos are just full of cuteness!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

What a cute visitors :)

Regards and best wishes

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

How fun- it's always so nice to have some much needed time with family.

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