Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tacoma Children's Museum

It's amazing what one short year can change.  For us it has brought a cross-country move, a pregnancy, an "extended overseas assignment", a new house, new car, new friends....need
I go on?   Many of our changes have revolved around the Little Guy!  It has been so fun to watch him growing and changing.  This time last year he was becoming an expert at sitting up and was getting close to crawling.  He was still really a little guy (around the 12th percentile in weight) and just starting to play.

Now we have a sturdy "Little" Guy (weighing in close to 30 pounds and in the 70th percentile!) who loves to run, dance and play.  He especially loves to go "bye bye".  I'm not sure where he wants to go when he asks for bye bye but I try to mix it up. 

One of the MANY benefits to living in our area of Tacoma is the close proximity to, oh, just about everything!         
It takes 10 minutes from my front door to get to the zoo and 10 minutes to the Children's Museum.  We can walk to a playground that has a "schlide" and we're about 10 minutes from the local YMCA.  

Two weeks ago we visited the Children's Museum with one of his little girlfriends!  Unfortunately it was super super packed!  We didn't get to do a lot of hanging out while we were there but the kids enjoyed running around and exploring.  The first thing  Little Guy found was this ramp.  I swear he would have gone up the stairs and down the ramp for the whole time if I  hadn't helped him move on!

He found this car and then proceeded to start going up and down the ramp again.

Look at this big boy going up the stairs!  I shot quite a few pictures while we were there and it wasn't until I was home and going through them that I realized he was going up and down like a big boy!  I  love the motion in his feet.

He is really into vehicles right now.  He calls buses "Bigbee" when he sees them.  He kept looking out of the window to see if any big buses were going by.  Look at those saggy jeans...ha!

Once he found the trucks he didn't want to do anything else.  He kept driving them up this ramp on a ship and crawling through the hole.  

And here he comes back through!

It is amazing what a year will do!  I can't believe my Little Guy is already running around like a toddler.  I'm trying not to get nostalgic about him not being a baby any longer but it is hard!  At the same time I can't wait to see what the next year will bring!


alison said...

you are so lucky to have all that cool stuff right there around you to do! we live in the country and it takes a good 30-45 minutes to get to anywhere. i don't mind the tradeoff most days....long drive to activities but quiet living out here! we spent yesterday out on our property planting blueberry bushes and letting the kids explore the old barn. but i would LOVE a children's museum every now and then!

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