Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Weekly Photo

It seems like every post lately starts with "I'm really enjoying my photo class"....but it is true!  When I made the decision to invest in a DSLR 2 years ago I expected photography would be easier than it has been.  When I say easy I don't mean that I think it is easy to be a photographer.  I just thought I would be a little better at it.  I also thought this about cake decorating and you see how much I've been doing that in the last year!

I've always been "artsy" and so I think I assume artsy things will be easy for me.  Well, photography is mathy and no one told me!!  I've mentioned before that my engagement ring is the highest form of math I prefer to use.  But I'm going to have to start increasing the use of math in my life again if I want to become better at photos.

I also need to repeat that a 19 month old is NOT a willing or an easy subject!!  So I can't say that I really LOVE any of the photos I have taken yet.  But I do love the things I'm learning.  I'm taking my class through a website called "ClickinMoms".  I especially like it because it is very interactive and I really appreciate how much feedback the teachers are willing to give you.

I wish his whole arm/hand was in the picture because I know that would make it better but with the lens I have I end up doing this a lot.  I'm excited to get a new lens!

I'll be posting some additional pictures that I've taken as  practice but I think this is my favorite for this week!
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Denise said...

Your adorable...How did I miss you all these weeks of P52?

Melanie said...

Girl.. I can relate w/ you entirely! I got my 1st slr about 3 months ago... & I did not realize how much truly went into it. I really need to take an online class, I've just been trying to read a ton & watch tutorials.

Your pic is LOVEly! & your little bug is SO adorable!! I love your blog, & love how we're both trying to learn how to take better pics! I have to follow ya now! Lol)

What kind of camera did ya get, & are you getting a new lens?

Sarah Huizenga said...

This year I made a bigger commitment to my photography building skills as well. I also do not have a lot of pictures that I love, but I do find that as I take them and then view them. I see the things I can do differently next time. Now to just remember all those things! LOL!

Donna said...

Your little guy is adorable. Great eyes.

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