Sunday, October 14, 2012

Color Sorting

Peter is hard at work finishing up his last Master's class.  We anticipated him being gone for about 10 weeks this Fall and he planned to finish the paper while he was overseas.  Obviously that was not what God had planned for us so he is trying to get it finished as soon as possible!

Last Saturday he tried to knock out as much of it as possible before his sister and nephews arrived.  So I set out to entertain the Little Guy with some art projects!

I drew some basic pictures for him to color.  He has a couple of sets of "dot" type of markers.  These are wonderful for little ones because they don't have to manipulate them.  They just dot dot dot!!  I tried to do shapes that were large and that had obvious colors.  I was surprised at how well he did with "coloring".  He colors the pumpkins orange and the trees green.  He even stayed in the lines quite a bit. He got to pick what he wanted me to draw for people.  My favorite was for Uncle Steven.  He chose a bull.

Next I got out some poms poms.  I thought they would be fun to hot glue to mini pumpkins.  After we did that we glued the pompoms together in a long line to make worms.  

I've been saving all of our glass jars for the last month so we moved on to a color sorting activity.

The Little Guy has known all of his colors for a little while now.  I think his favorite color is green right now.  For a while when you asked him what color something was he would say red.  If you asked him again he would then say the correct color.  

I placed one or two pompoms in each jar and then told him that we were going to put them in the jars based on their color.  He caught on quickly and was soon sorting away!

This is a great way to teach colors.  Next time I will label the jars with the color names so we can start working on word recognition.  It was a great quiet activity and not messy which is nice occasionally!

The weather has started to get chilly here in the PNW so we'll be doing and sharing lots of crafting fun in the next few months!


The Students Wife said...

what a cute idea. I bet my son would totally love this

Jill said...

These are fantastic little ideas for small ones! :)

It's All Connected said...

He's so cute and what a great mom to turn learning into fun together time! My daughter had to amuse two little tykes while her hubby did his PHD and it's not always easy to hold the fort down by yourself! ~ Maureen

Jill said...

Some great ideas there! My girls used to love sorting things into groups!
Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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