Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 28--The Hard Way

This is a tale of two lessons I was supposed to learn as a child.  One lesson I learned.  One lesson scarred me for life and will remain forever in my "most embarrassing moments" memoir, which is actually getting pretty long.  Apparently I do a lot of embarrassing things.

Let me start with this disclaimer.  I have wonderful, fabulous, amazing, awesome parents.  I really do.  And I'm not just saying that because they read my blog.  You will no doubt see how terrific they are after my first story.  My second story won't make you doubt their merits as parents but you'll probably be glad they were mine and not your.

Lesson 1

We took a lot of family vacations growing up.  My Grandaddy always said you can never afford to vacation but you can never afford to NOT vacation.  So we vacationed.  We took a lot of roadtrips and our mainstay for eating was Cracker Barrel.  (Cracker Barrel please come to Washington!!!)

If you have never been to a Cracker Barrel picture this.  Warm inviting kitschy atmosphere.  A huge roaring fire in the winter complete with rocking chairs and a country store in the front of the restaurant.  The food is yummy and inexpensive and it's a great family eatery.

I was probably 8 years old on this particular visit and was purchasing some of the candy sticks in the store.  They were 10 for a dollar and I would buy them as my treats for the week on vacation.  My parents had left me in the store and when I went out to the car I realized the cashier had given me an extra penny as change.

Now I guess pennies might have been worth a little more back then but not by much.  The lesson I learned however was worth much more.  If you haven't already guessed my Dad made me march back into the Cracker Barrel and give the cashier the 1/100th of a dollar she accidentally gave me.

I remember being a little embarrassed at the time but it taught me a valuable lesson.  If I couldn't be trusted with a penny then how could I be trusted with more?  I appreciate the lesson and will tell my children that story as they grow up.


You'll have to come back tomorrow for the rest of the story.  And I promise you will NOT want to miss this!

Aren't they the cutest parents?  Both responsible for making me, me!


Don said...

Well, I surely don't remember that, but I know you don't forget anything, so I guess it's true.

I can't, or maybe I can wait to see what tomorrow brings. I have a feeling it's about not cleaning your room.

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